kaputla (kaputla) wrote in trashytalkshows,

It's not really a talk show but my favorite out of the bunch is called Cheaters. I think Maury has them on sometimes. I wait up every Saturday night like a giddy child and finally it's 3 a.m. and I get to see women cry and attack their man as the mistress blows them in the parking lot.

Nothing is better than that show. The host acts like he cares sooo much. It's great. There is always garunteed to be some hot ass pounding violence and some hot ass boys too.
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OMG I LOVE Cheaters! Except here it comes on at 11PM so I don't have to lose sleep to see it. That show is so deliciously trashy. Joey is a cool host. I really hated that show where that jerk boyfriend stabbed him and threw him off a boat.

haha whoops, I didn't read this before posting my comment

THAT IS MY MOST FAVORITE SHOW!!!!!!!!!! Did you see the one where the old host got STABBED!?!?!?! They were on a boat and all of a sudden the "cheater" flips the host off the side of the boat, and when he comes back up he'd been stabbed!! (That's why the hosts mysteriously changed all of a sudden.. he didn't want to come back, understandably)