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this is the community for trashy talk shows such as maury povich, jerry springer, jenny jones and ricki lake. and that's all i gotta say 'bout that.

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1-800 numbers, 1-800-96-jerry, 100% not the father, _str8laced, amazing stories, aspiring to become strippers, audience disses, baby daddies, baby mamas, baby pageants, bad parenting, bad rap guests, bad therapists, beauty pageants, beeps, being secretly video-taped, big and beautiful, big breasts, big ol weaves, bikini tops, bling bling, blurred fingers, blurred mouths, body glitter, boot camp, boots, breast implants, buff women, butt implants, catching things on tape, celebrity look-alikes, cheaters, cheating death, cleavage, cocaine, community college commercials, cottage cheese thighs, daisy dukes, deformed children, doing drugs, double-sided signs, drag queens, dropping out of school, duane west, ebonics, ecstacy, fake nails, flashing guys for mcdonald's, flashing the audience, flipping the bird, geek to chic, gothic preteens, gravy train!!!!, guest updates, haters, hidden cameras, hot tubs, hotties, ignorant people, isolation booths, jealousy, jenny jones, jerry's final thought, kids kicking their mothers, lawfirm commercials, lesbian love triangles, lie detector tests, local commercials, looking like the baby, mack daddies, makeovers, man or woman?, marijuana, maury, maury povich, motivational speakers, no education, not going to school, not montel, o-town, obese babies, paternity tests, phobias, pimps, player haters, players, pools, pregnancy tests, probation, progeria, prostitution, pulling off wigs, raymond moses, revealing secrets, rhyming show titles, ricki lake, rude jude, running from the copz, running off the stage, sally jesse raphael, secret cameras, sending kids backstage, sexy decoys, sexy moms, sexy teens, shanaynay, shaniqua, slob makeovers, smokin weed, smokin' weed at age11, sneaking out, spring break, springer cam, stealing your man, steve, strippers, taco bell, talking back, teen secrets, the gladihater, thongz, tickets, todd, tormented teens, trailer parks, tube tops, unprotected sex, updates, upn, valerie, vignettes, wb, weaves, whatever, younggirls influenced by britneyspears, your man